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X Spread Art Mobile Unit

wandering around

SAT & SUN 1 – 6 PM / Join the Spread Art mobile cart and make collaborative works of art throughout the day. We will be centered around the Morgan L subway stop & also on the move.

1 Wonderneath

House of Yes / 342 Maujer St.

SAT 3:30 – 6 PM & 8 – 10:30 PM / $20 /A circus adventure set in turn-of-the-century New York City. This triumphant tale is filled with aerial acrobatics, fire, puppetry, dance, and accompanied by Tin Pan Brass Band.

1 Fight for your SITE … to Party

House of Yes / 342 Maujer St.

SAT 11 PM – late / $5 / BYOB / DJ’s, circus, hot girls hanging off the ceiling, indoor parades, etc. For more info visit

2 Someone of the Universe

outside 3rd Ward / 195 Morgan Ave.

One woman original monologue/s exploring grief, relationships and how hard it is to fall in love in New York City in the year 2010. Written by Stacy Ose-Kuffour.

3 Not Spring Not Winter

319 Scholes St.

SAT & SUN 1 – 9 PM / Party SAT 9 PM – late / A selection of work from NYU’s ITP program, highlighting the convergence of new media technologies through audio video installations, performances, and other interactive works. Of particular interest will be the exploration of the relationship between technology and human behavior as well as reflections on the new possibilities for mediated interactivity.

4 Waterbury Kaleidoscope

Bushwick Music Studios / 55 Waterbury St.

SAT & SUN 1 – 9 PM/ $5 / Video + Lighting + Motion + Sound + Design + Verbs + Adjectives + Hypothesis + Mind + Illusion + Drama + Action + Reaction + Idea + Mood. After hours concert: DJ Mojo show f. The Binary Marketing Show, St. Claire, Bridget and The Squares, The Vicious Guns, The Hidden Ratio.

5 Plastic Membrane

238 Melrose St.

SAT 4 – 5 PM / A hybrid performance and art installation that begins in the street and unravels in the roof of a building in Bushwick. Visual arts, live music, projections and dance. Body bags and uterus encasings, death, birth and urban rituals with the razor blade city as backdrop.

6 Live Networked Art Event

Studio 304 / 304 Boerum St.

SAT 4 – 9 PM / BYOB / Live networked art events and exhibition that include photography, performance, video, and music.

7 L’Echelle (the ladder)

248 McKibbin St., #4V

SAT 1 PM / $1 or 1 bone / DVR THE MASTER. BCR THE DOG. LADDER. SIX TREATS. Duration: 5 minutes. No flash photography. No applause. 21+. RSVP recommended: or (646) 785-5996.

8 One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Bogart between Siegel & Harrison

SAT 1 – 6 PM / OMTIAMT is an interactive installation. Artist Michael Boyd Stout will sell his unwanted possessions on the sidewalk. He will perform such mundane tasks as taking money and giving away goods. Haggling. Chatting. Reading a book. Like Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ OMTIAMT asks the viewer, “Is this performance art, or a yard sale?”

9 Nat. Mur. : 5 Rites

1 Grattan St., Studio 221

SUN 2 – 4:30 PM / In response to taking a very high potency dose of a homeopathic remedy, Sigman will perform a series of 5 durational rites of 30 minutes each. The rites will serve as both reflection and challenge, dealing obliquely with themes of grief, heart, navigation, and battle. Materials such as bones, branches, and red wax will serve as tools for the journey.

10 The Ricotta Collaborations

Centotto / 250 Moore St., #108

SAT & SUN 4 – 7 PM / In tandem with a ‘simposio’ show, “Collaborative Forgeries, or Forged Collaborations,” this ‘interstizio’ event elucidates the critical and cinematic texts underlying the collaborative works on exhibit. Texts include “La Ricotta,” a short film by Pier Paolo Pasolini, and “La Ricotta,” a thematic analysis, by Maurizio Viano, of the eponymous film.

11 CROWD Reading Series

Café Orwell / 247 Varet St.

SAT 7 – 9 PM / The CROWD Reading Series at Cafe Orwell will feature poetry readings by Ben Fama, Christie Ann Reynolds, James Copeland, and Christine Hamm. For more information and author bios, please visit

12 You Can’t Do That on Television

Brooklyn Fireproof Gallery / 119 Ingraham St.

SAT 2 – 10 PM, SUN 12 – 9 PM / Absurd, strange, transgressive, confrontational and confusing performances for video. Featuring Marc Aschenbrenner, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Crystal Curtis, Amy Day, David Greg Harth, Nate Hill, Wayne Hodge, Mike Jones, Nina Katchadourian, Marni Kotak & Jason Robert Bell, Yeon Jin Kim, Jorge Rojas, Type A, Ruthie Doyle. Curated by Joe Nanashe.

13 Comedy in the Digital Age: A Disorderly Discussion

English Kills Gallery / 114 Forrest St.

FRI 8 PM / Comedy in the Digital Age: A Disorderly Discussion with Sketch Comedian Groups Murderfist, Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, and Caitlin “C-Town” Steitzer. Moderated by Aaron Short.

13 Untitled & Erasure

English Kills Gallery / 114Forrest St.

SAT & SUN 7 PM / SAT: Robert Andrew’s “Untitled.” SUN: John Bonafede’s “Erasure” is a physical performance piece about the absorbing and loss of culture, specifically Tibetan, through the phenomenon of globalization and nationalization. English Kills will be open SAT & SUN 1-9 with a show of paintings by Andy Piedilato.

13 CHESTER’S Favorites

The Petri Space / 114 Forrest St. #5

SAT 8 PM / CHESTER, Bushwick’s premiere independent long-form improv team, hosts a night of our favorite teams showcasing different form of improvisation.


116 Knickerbocker Ave.

SAT & SUN 2 – 6 PM / An interactive installation combining performance with sculpture. Fake sushi + real art. 20 minute performance every hour on the hour. By Nung-Hsin Hu and Kashimi Asai.


Beauty Bar / 921 Broadway

FRI 9 PM – 4 AM / DJ’s Jonathan Toubin, Captain Hearlock, Shimmy and Cowboy Mark spinning soul, garage, rockabilly, psych, and bubblegum rock. Dancing and cheap drinks all night long.

16 Ghost and the Machine

Page Not Found / 76 Jefferson St.

SUN 7 PM – 12 AM / SITE Festival Closing Party curated by Lily Maase and Joe Che. Stop by post-festival for delicious cocktails, curiouslystaged solo performances, participatory art and sound projects, and late-night dancing courtesy of RADIO WONDERLAND and the fantabulous Cosmo D.

17 Bushwick Short Films: A Three Course Prix Fixe

114 Troutman St.

SUN 3 – 5 PM / Filmmaking is one of the most expensive/resource intensive of the arts. Meeting other filmmakers is key to seeing your projects come to fruition. Come to Castlebraid for a three course prix fixe of shorts by Bushwick filmmakers! Meet other filmmakers in an interactive panel over the real entrees.

17 Cloud Chamber

114 Troutman St.

SUN 6 – 7 PM / Mingle after the films and listen to Cloud Chamber play songs reminiscent of Jacques Brel, Nick Drake, and klezmer music. Guitarist/composer/singer Matt Everett has played everything from trad folk to electronica. Pianist/singer Anne Damassa is classically trained with a background in musical theater, jazz, rock, and pop.

18 Loud Objects with Jen Walshe & Torino:Margolis

Naxal Belt / 175 Jefferson St., #1L

SUN 6 – 9 PM / 6-7PM Loud Objects Noise Installation Tent, 7-8PM Artists Talk with Loud Objects, 8-9PM Loud Objects Performance with Jen Walshe and Torino:Margolis. Loud Objects, an experimental noise EAM (electroacoustic music) group, creates a nexus of multiple discourses on noise, communication, and electronics. Curated by Andrea Liu.

19 Planned Parenthood (Free Beer)

280 Café / 280 Knickerbocker Ave.

SAT 7 PM & SUN 6 PM / Schwarzkopf Entertainment has hand picked some of the most adventurous, form-bending sketch comedy acts in NYC for a two-night who’s who of contemporary performance-based humor. Featuring Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting, Murderfist, Rue Brutalia, and New Excitement among others.

19 The Wisdom of Children

280 Café / 280 Knickerbocker Ave.

SAT & SUN, 4 PM & 5 PM / Three short plays (about a minute each), drawn from Simon Rich’s 2007 New Yorker humor piece “The Wisdom of Children,” about how children and college students imagine the workings of the grownup table, UNICEF, and the US government. With a few special musical guests!

20 Sleep of Reason

The Bushwick Starr / 207 Starr St.

SAT 8 – 8:45 PM / $5 / Sleep of Reason uses the allegorical narratives in Francisco Goya’s prints to examine the theatrical/performance implications of prisoner abuse depicted in the Abu Ghraib photographs. The performance is set up into tableaux vivants: staged still scenes are briefly illuminated with a flash of light cutting through longer periods of darkness.


Norte Maar / 83 Wyckoff Ave.

SAT 6 – 8 PM / Dance on film, choreographies by Julia K. Gleich, projected into the space, interlaced with live performance by Stephanie Miracle and sound sculpture by Ben Godward all from the living room of Norte Maar (seen from the street).

22 Live Silkscreen and Image Node: Site10

17-17 Troutman St., 2nd Fl.

SAT 6 – 9 PM / Image Node Showcase on the deck, featuring live silkscreen printing by the neighborhood’s best silkscreen designers, interactive LED art, live video, and excellent ambient musical performance. Bushwick Print Lab will also host a show of new local prints.

23 Colonial Bushwick

17-36 Stanhope St.

SAT 6 AM – SUN 9 PM / 75 cent donation / BabySkinGlove will be living as a colonial household for the weekend, presenting you with lessons on everything colonial such as basket weaving, soap making, chicken slaughtering, bread baking, etc. It’s just like Williamsburg, but not the Brooklyn one you know and love! Every hour on the hour.

24 Lightening Cloud

Famous Accountants / 1673 Gates Ave.

SAT 1 – 11 PM & SUN 1 – 5 PM / Famous Accountants will be ritually cleansed and then flooded with intense waves, flashes and pulses, an epileptic’s dream that will shift shape through out the day. “Invocation” will be performed live by Andrew Hurst and special guests from 9-11 PM, Saturday.

25 Walk The Neighborhood

49 Linden St. #3

SAT & SUN 7 PM / $20 / Walk The Neighborhood is an audial stroll through Z’s mind as he prepares to attend a birthday party. After an incident at the party, Z leaves, taking the audience with him. Together they embark on a tour of his place of employment. Tea will be served.