840 Broadway, 2nd Fl.

Grace Exhibition Space is a hub space for duration-based and interactive performance art. Audience members are welcome to wander in and out, and stay as long as they wish – like a gallery, rather than a show.

Saturday, March 6th

1- 5 PM

  • Eliza Fernand, Let’s Be Matching: Saturday afternoon, the artist will offer the public ten-minute fittings for customized accessories sewn with two specific fabrics.  Wearing these garments, people will form a visually identifiable group.  The artist will ask participants their favorite dancing song, and invite them to return Sunday, when the group will meet and dance together.

1 – 9 PM

  • Destineez Child, Losing Friends?: Destineez Child believes in bringing cutting edge culture to the world. Collective members (April Childers and Carmen Tiffany) will deliver Losing Friends? in form of small installation and projection. Please view a promotional video for our oscillating ashtray. This will be one featured item for the piece.

1 – 9 PM

  • Helga Schmid, One Word At A Time: A handwritten story (selected for this event). The artist starts with a stack of white paper on Saturday morning and write until Sunday night. Every written sheet is thrown in the air until she’s surrounded or becomes (The paper is light, almost like fabric, the penmanship graceful.) It’s fluent, and happy as she is.

4 – 5 PM

  • Christen Clifford, Fierce Attachment: – Fierce Attachment shows a young Brooklyn mother destroying the trappings of motherhood.  In twenty minutes, all manner of baby gear will be systematically destroyed with an iron bar- playpen, strollers, car seat, clothing etc. Video playing shows the mother with child.  The piece looks to show the primal mother, and the title comes from writer Vivian Gornick’s memoir about her mother, Fierce Attachments.
  • Christen Clifford, Interior Scroll (mother cunt): Aversion of Carolee Schneemann’s Interior Scroll with new text.  Some found text -from chick lit, dating manuals, NYT articles about feminism, memoir,  and some original autobiographical text.

5 – 9 PM

  • Meng-Hsuan Wu, Being Here: The artist will stand in the dark space behind the two way mirror. A video will play of her constantly enlarging-walking silhouette, which is seen as the light source is projected through a projector on the mirror. The more the light passes through the mirror, the clearer the viewer can see her face. 

Sunday, March 7th

1 – 9 PM

  • Helga Schmid – see above

1 -5 PM

  • Lisa Renko, Office Supply StoreAn installation in progress emphasizing the materials as much as the visuals that they are able to create. Register tape, pre-packaged stretched canvases, copy paper, and an assortment of basic art supplies form the structure on which the artist proceeds to create a layer of spontaneous commentary with drawings and the written word.

4 -5 PM

  • Eliza Fernand – see above

5 – 9 PM

  • Meng-Hsuan Wu – see above

6 – 8 PM

  • Shantall Martin “So what is it?”:  The artist asks a person/s to stand in front of a projector screen for a couple of minutes each, while she captures their moving Hidden Ora.