Arts In Bushwick Is…

Our Mission

Arts in Bushwick is an all volunteer organization that serves and engages artists and other neighborhood residents through creative accessibility and community organizing. It is our goal to create an integrated and sustainable neighborhood, and to bring together all Bushwick residents and stakeholders to counter development-driven displacement.

Our History

Arts In Bushwick was founded in the fall of 2007, as a result of grassroots efforts to produce the 2007 Bushwick Open Studios festival.  The organization was founded by a group of roughly fifteen local artists and community organizers, and has continued to operate on an all-volunteer, non-hierarchical, break-even basis through three full years of programming.  Arts In Bushwick maintains a completely open structure, inviting all community members to bring their ideas and to participate in collaboratively producing the organization and its activities.

Our Projects

Arts In Bushwick has two core functions – producing neighborhood arts festivals, and facilitating community projects and dialogue.  All of our activities are produced by volunteers and at no cost to the public.

Art Festivals: Currently, Arts In Bushwick produces three collaboratively self-organized community arts festivals each year – Bushwick Open Studios in June (begun in 2007), BETA Spaces in November (begun in 2007), and SITE Fest in March (begun in 2009).  The purpose of all of our festivals is to provide opportunities for artists to show their work and collaborate with each other, and to create an open and inclusive event that benefits the neighborhood through sharing artistic projects, encouraging dialogue and fostering a greater engagement with the arts. Festival activities take place in a myriad of venues and environments, including galleries, theaters, homes, artist studios, local businesses, parks, street corners, and other public spaces.  All Bushwick community members are encouraged to participate by presenting art work, organizing activities and assisting with festival operations.

  • Bushwick Open Studios (BOS): BOS is our largest event, incorporating all types of creative expression and other community activities over three days.  In 2009, BOS included more than 250 artist studios, group shows and events in over 125 buildings across more than four square miles of Bushwick, including bordering areas of East Williamsburg, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Ridgewood, Queens.  Overall, more than 500 artists participated in the event, and thousands of visitors attended
  • Bushwick Exhibition Triangle of Alternative Spaces (BETA Spaces): BETA Spaces is a one-day festival of independently curated, collaborative group exhibitions presented in a range of alternative spaces.  In 2009, BETA Spaces included more than 30 curated group shows in a ten square block area of Bushwick and East Williamsburg, including roughly 150 individual artists.
  • SITE Fest (SITE): SITE Fest is a two-day interdisciplinary event highlighting the diversity of performance in Bushwick.  Encompassing and blending a variety of forms including theater, dance and music, SITE investigates our neighborhood as an unfolding collaborative performance enacted in urban space.  SITE 2010 focuses around three hub venues, divided by genre, which provide free space, tech support and stage management to over 60 performances on a first-come, first-served basis.  In addition, over thirty shows will take place in a variety of alternative “satellite” spaces throughout the neighborhood.  Finally, in conjunction with SITE, Arts In Bushwick will present ionSOUND, a two-day music festival featuring more than twenty bands on two stages.

Community Projects:  Throughout its three-year history, Arts In Bushwick has produced and facilitated a wide range of community projects, including a discussion series on the arts and civic engagement, fostering partnerships with a wide range of community organizations, working with other organizations in the neighborhood to produce public art, events and activities that engage a wide range of community members, and working with elected officials and advocates to develop policy initiatives around sustainability and displacement.  We have also collaborated on a number of research projects. The goal of all of our community projects is to connect a broad range of Bushwick residents and stakeholders to foster deep community relationships and to work together to find and activate solutions to shared neighborhood concerns.  For more information on our community projects, please email us at

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