The fourth annual Bushwick Open Studios produced by Arts In Bushwick will be held June 4-6, 2010.  Artist registration will open in mid April and run through early May.

For information or to get involved, email

Upcoming Meetings

BOS ’10 Planning Meetings will be held each Monday at 7pm through the date of Open Studios, at rotating locations.  The next three meetings are:

Monday 3/22 at Norte Maar – 83 Wyckoff Ave #1B

Monday 3/29 at 54 Stockholm Street

Monday 4/5 at Bushwick Department of Public Works – 330 Melrose St #3

Volunteer Needs

BOS 2010 can’t happen without your help!  We need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Operations – running registration, map and program, hubs, miscellaneous
  • Volunteer Coordination – helping match other volunteers with what needs to be done
  • Graphic Design – designing logos, banners, etc.  Laying out flyers and posters.  Also, we need someone to take charge of laying out and designing the BOS 2010 program.
  • Web Development – helping reconstruct our main website – wordpress, PHP/MySQL programming and CSS skills needed
  • Press and Promotions
  • Sponsorship and the BOS 2010 Benefit

What else can you do to help?  Spread the word to artists, audience members, press, and your community!  The more people are involved and the more visitors come, the bigger and better the weekend will be.

For questions or to volunteer, contact