MARCH 15, 2010, 7PM


Note about website:

The website was hacked shortly after BOS 09. AIB set up a temporary website, but now that the coding for the old website is in the process of being fixed, we will hopefully revert back soon.

Introduction to Arts in Bushwick:

AIB was founded in 2007 around the planning of the first Open Studios. There had been an open studios event in 2005 organized by a different group, who intended to do it again in 2006 but cancelled it. Another group of people banded together in 2006 to put it on at the last minute, and after that about 15 community members / artists / organizers came together to plan BOS 07.  After BOS 07, formed AIB to continue producing BOS, community projects and other activities.

AIB is 100% volunteer run. Financially it operates on a break-even basis. The organization is non-hierarchical. Anyone can be involved to whatever extent and in whatever capacity they like.

Apart from BOS, AIB organizes 2 other festivals a year – BETA Spaces in November and SITE Fest in March, and participates in community projects.

BETA Spaces – concentrates on 2 elements that AIB likes about BOS: curated group shows and alternative spaces, in a more accessible geographic area for 1 day.

SITE Fest – 2 day performance spaces, centered around hub spaces in which programming is scheduled by AIB.

Community Projects – community organizing, politics and policy, collaborating with non-profits, i.e. murals, street fairs.

Bushwick Open Studios:

BOS is AIB’s flagship festival.

In 2009, there were over 250 open studios, shows and events in over 125 venues. The only bounding criteria for what can take part is the geographic area – it must be in ‘Greater Bushwick’, an area over 3 square miles encompassing all of CB4, plus parts of Ridgewood, Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg and Maspeth.

Online registration will be open from mid-April to early May. Once it is closed, AIB produces the program, and promotes and markets the event.

BOS has always occurred on the first weekend of June. This year it will fall on June 4th – 6th. There were no objections to this date.

BOS usually opens on Friday night with events. Studios are open during the day on Saturday and Sunday, and there is usually a Cabaret on Saturday night, and a closing party on Sunday night.

1 registration = 1 listing. Each registration costs $35 or 5 hours of volunteer service.

In the past we have had listings on the website, but we cannot promise that this year.


Why should you volunteer? It’s a great way to meet people and get involved in your community. AIB will return the favor in any way possible (job references etc). Volunteering for AIB is a resume-builder.

JA notes that AIB does so much for artists (BOS 09 brought in over 300 visitors a day to his space last year) and he thinks artists need to give back.

AIB encourages everyone to network and do outreach to artists and potential attendees for BOS 10. The more artists you get involved in your area, the more visitors you will have. Everyone should promote their own events.

Specific Needs:

  1. Operations: website, registration, community organizing.
  2. Press and promotions: supply contacts, write press release, ideas for creative promotion.
  3. Volunteer coordination: match volunteers to tasks. Big job, can be fun. Very NB.
  4. Web – need someone who knows some combination of wordpress, PHP/MySQL and CSS, for online registration and ideally web listings. [Lemia might know someone]
  5. Graphic design – preferably 2 or more people. 1 person for designing flyers, logos etc, often for a quick turnaround. 1 person to design program, which last year was a 26 page book with a map in 7 sections. AIB has strong branding which designers can work with, but is also open to change.
  6. Sponsorship – if anyone has local business contacts, please tell Tara.
  7. Benefit – works donated by registered artists, maximum size requirement, artist sets price between $50 – $200. Cash and carry event at Lumenhouse. Provides extra exposure to artists. Usually more than half of the work sells. Artists that donate will have the registration fee / volunteer requirement waived. Volunteers needed to collect work, install work, staff the event i.e. bar, door, take money, wrap up work and clean up.
  8. Flyering – very NB. To promote registration, benefit and BOS. Divided into separate flyer routes along L and JMZ lines.

If you want to volunteer, email volunteer@artsinbushwick.org

For more info, email openstudios@artsinbushwick.org

Weekly Meetings:

Weekly meetings will be held on Mondays at 7pm at different venues.

Upcoming meetings:

3/22 at Norte Maar – 83 Wyckoff Ave

3/29 at Tara’s apartment – 54 Stockholm Street

4/5 at Bushwick Department of Public Works – 330 Melrose St

Other ways to stay in touch with AIB:

Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr.  To get on the mailing list, email news@artsinbushwick.org